Spring Cleaning Do’s & Don’ts

At-Home Eye Health and Immunity Tips
5 Screen-Free Social Distancing Activities

We hope you’re staying healthy at home! If you’re ready to start spring cleaning (and COVID-19 disinfecting!), we’ve compiled a list of ways for you to kill germs, clean effectively, and keep your eyes healthy while social distancing. These are just a few of our top tips, remember to call us if you are experiencing any urgent eye problem. We are still here for you!


1. Clean your glasses. When’s the last time you cleaned your eyewear? Clean your glasses, reading glasses, sunglasses, or sports goggles with soap and warm water to get rid of bacteria and germs on your frames or lenses.
2. Clean your contact case. Contact cases can harbor bacteria, so be sure to clean out your case with contact solution (not regular water) frequently.
3. Wash your hands often. Healthcare professionals working with COVID-19 patients will wash their hands upwards of 100 times a day! Proper handwashing includes using soap and water for at least 20 seconds or a hand sanitizer that is at least 60% alcohol-based. Be sure to wash your hands before applying eye drops and (of course) before inserting contact lenses.  
4. Clean your contacts. Use contact solution to clean contact lenses before and after wearing them.
5. Spring clean your makeup. Clean your makeup brushes regularly (especially ones that come into contact with your eyes). In addition, always clean out any expired products or old products to reduce bacteria.
6. Clean the air. Purchase an air purifier to get rid of airborne allergens and cut back on symptoms, like itchy eyes, that may make you touch your face more often.


1. Touch your eyes. Touching your eyes is an easy way to transfer germs to your body and increase your risk of an eye infection.
2. Touch any part of your face. The average person touches his or her face around 16 times per hour!
3. Be afraid to call for help. Accidents happen. So, if you happen to get a chemical in your eyes while cleaning, flush it out, and seek help.

3 Rules to Avoid Catching COVID-19

1. Wash your hands (properly). Then, wash them again. Become diligent with your handwashing and always practice proper technique.
2. Don’t touch your face, ever. Wear a mask (even a bandana) to remind yourself not to touch your face. (Did we mention that you shouldn’t touch your face?).
3. Practice rigorous social distancing. Spend time in-person only with the people who live in your house or apartment or the people you work with (if you work in an “essential” business). All other interactions should be electronic except at the grocery store or some other essential place of business.

If you do these three things, you can significantly reduce your risk of catching or spreading COVID-19.

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