Glaucoma is a sight-threatening disease that can cause serious damage to the optic nerve, which is a delicate, mesh-like structure that connects the eye to the brain. Chronic high pressure of the eye (intraocular pressure) can result in the progressive destruction of nerve fibers, which is unfortunately irreversible.

The optic nerve is responsible for transmitting images to the brain. If intraocular pressure continues to damage the nerve, glaucoma will cause permanent loss of vision. Without treatment, glaucoma can cause blindness within a few ways. However, at Better Vision New Jersey, we can slow the progression of this disease with early detection and treatment.

Glaucoma is a primary cause of blindness in the United States, particularly among senior citizens, but also in individuals as young as 35 (and those who have infantile or juvenile forms). Early detection is paramount for this disease because loss of vision due to glaucoma comes on subtly and very slowly. As a result of its gradual nature, many patients only notice a vision problem when the condition develops to a rather severe point. Extensive or complete vision loss is usually avoidable if the disease is detected, diagnosed, and treated early on. Therefore, we stress the necessity of regular eye examinations at our office.

There are two types of glaucoma, open-angle and narrow-angle or angle-closure glaucoma. Open-angle is the more common form of the disease, which can develop and go undetected for years. Conversely, an attack of angle-closure glaucoma is rapid in its development, with suddenly occurring symptoms, frequently happening in the middle of the night. Because of its capacity to destroy vision in hours, angle-closure glaucoma is a medical emergency. In spite of its emergent nature, there are signs on exam, which indicate an increase risk for an attack, which allow for intervention on a preventative basis. While open-angle glaucoma is a chronic disease and as such has no cure, an attack of angle-closure glaucoma can typically be successfully treated within a few hours of onset. Because both types of glaucoma allow for meaningful intervention before there is serious loss of vision, we stress the importance or regular eye examinations, and we invite you to make an appointment with Better Vision New Jersey today!

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    • James O’Gorman
      I had cataracts and after Dr. Calderone operated on my eyes, my vision is now 20/20. The staff is extremely friendly and helpful. It’s a tremendously well-equipped practice in terms of the technology that’s used to take care of your eyes and the technical staff is also superb.
      James O’Gorman
    • Sherry Villa
      I have been a patient of Dr. Calderone’s for more than I can remember and I have always found the physicians and entire staff to be professional, caring and thorough in everything they do. All the physicians spend quality time with each patient to hear about their concerns or answer questions. I personally would highly recommend him to family and friends.
      Sherry Villa
    • Mary Hannibal
      I had originally gone to the practice for floaters in my eye and discovered that I had cataracts. I found everyone at Better Vision New Jersey—from the physicians to the staff—to be extremely kind and caring. I was very impressed with the quality of care I received and how well they not only treated me, but also my husband. Their facilities are state-of-the-art and they are absolute experts in their field.
      Mary Hannibal


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