Cataract Symptoms

Symptoms of cataracts are unfortunately minimal and difficult to notice at first, because cataract formation is a slow, gradual process. If you notice any of the following disruptions to your vision, make an appointment with Better Vision New Jersey to address the potential of cataract development as soon as possible.

Primary symptoms include:

  • Cloudy, blurry, or hazy vision
  • Reduced night vision (caused when the clouded lens does not allow enough light into the eye)
  • Increased sensitivity to bright lights and glare, especially around lights at night
  • Dulled or yellowish appearance of bright colors
  • Frequent changes in your glasses or contact lens prescription
  • Variable vision

There are different types of cataracts that can develop. Since each type forms differently, they affect different parts of the eye and exhibit different symptoms.

  • Nuclear Cataracts are the most common type of cataract associated with aging. They form deep within the lens, darkening and thickening the central nucleus.
  • Cortical Cataracts begin on the edge of the eye lens but gradually work their way toward its center. Formed in the lens cortex (the area that surrounds the central nucleus of the lens) cortical cataracts start out appearing as wedge-like obscurities.
  • Subscapular Cataracts develop at the back of the lens, and are hard to notice until they occur centrally along the visual axis of the lens.

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    • James O’Gorman
      I had cataracts and after Dr. Calderone operated on my eyes, my vision is now 20/20. The staff is extremely friendly and helpful. It’s a tremendously well-equipped practice in terms of the technology that’s used to take care of your eyes and the technical staff is also superb.
      James O’Gorman
    • Sherry Villa
      I have been a patient of Dr. Calderone’s for more than I can remember and I have always found the physicians and entire staff to be professional, caring and thorough in everything they do. All the physicians spend quality time with each patient to hear about their concerns or answer questions. I personally would highly recommend him to family and friends.
      Sherry Villa
    • Mary Hannibal
      I had originally gone to the practice for floaters in my eye and discovered that I had cataracts. I found everyone at Better Vision New Jersey—from the physicians to the staff—to be extremely kind and caring. I was very impressed with the quality of care I received and how well they not only treated me, but also my husband. Their facilities are state-of-the-art and they are absolute experts in their field.
      Mary Hannibal


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