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Better Vision New Jersey is based in Cranford, NJ and is dedicated to providing the best and most comprehensive eye care services. Our doctors have been treating patients with dry eye syndrome for decades and strive to incorporate the latest, most effective technology into their eye care practice. At Better Vision New Jersey, we offer a variety of dry eye treatment options, including artificial tears, LipiFlow® Therapy, XIIDRA®, RESTASIS®, punctal plugs, and now OptiLight, all of which are different ways of addressing the same root problem. Our practice was the first in the state of New Jersey to offer LipiFlow® and one of the earliest adopters of OptiLight technology. We offer a full range of medical therapeutics to remedy dry eye syndrome, including nutritional supplements.

Artificial Tears for Dry Eyes

The first line of therapy that we’ll implement to treat a patient with dry eye syndrome is the use of supplemental lubrication, or artificial tears, to add to the deficient tear film on the surface of the eye. There are many types and brands of lubricating eye medications, and at Better Vision New Jersey, we will work with you to determine the best option for your eyes.

How Artificial Tears Work for Dry Eye Treatment

Artificial tears are drops that add lubricants to the surface of your eyes. Usually, these solutions attempt to mimic the composition of the natural tear film. Supplemental lubricants can also come in gel or oil forms, and while they do evaporate more slowly, they can blur your vision for a period of time. Ointments can also help lock moisture into the eye’s surface, since they are slow to evaporate as well. Unfortunately, this can blur your vision for a considerable amount of time, which makes this option best for when you are sleeping at night, since clear vision is not an issue. However, while there are many other options for dry eyes, artificial tears will likely be needed as additional therapy with any other advanced regimen.

Harmful Treatments: Finding the Right Tears for You

It can take a while to find the right kind of artificial tears to treat dry eyes for any given patient. Store-brand generic tear substitutes often contain harmful preservatives. And eye drops with the power to “eliminate redness” may only simply constrict blood vessels in your eyes. It is therefore important to discuss the use of these agents with the doctors at Better Vision New Jersey so the doctors and technicians can explain to you what over-the-counter agents are best suited for your dry eye condition. At Better Vision New Jersey, we will ensure that you are given the best possible plan for your specific case.

OptiLight: A New Way to Treat Dry Eyes

Better Vision New Jersey has recently incorporated Optilight, which is the first FDA-approved delivery for IPL and is safe to be used near the eyes, for treating dry eye disease called OptiLight. OptiLight is a light-based therapy that uses precise, intense, broad spectrum light to fix dysfunction of the meibomian gland. Meibomian gland dysfunction accounts for around 86% of all dry eye disease, making it the most common cause of dry eye. The treatment addresses inflammation, which is one of the key underlying factors of meibomian gland dysfunction. Because dry eye syndrome is a multifactorial disease, OptiLight is designed to be equally multifaceted. Not only does it treat the disease by addressing major sources of inflammation that can lead to dry eyes (this can include pro-inflammatory agents, abnormal blood vessels, and even Demodex mites), but it also functions to restore a patient’s meibomian glands which delays evaporation of the tear film.

A Simple, Convenient Treatment Regimen

If you choose to undergo OptiLight, you are looking at a treatment protocol of around 4 total sessions, each between 2 and 4 weeks apart from one another at the same place you get your normal eye exams. During the procedure, your practitioner will shield your eyes and apply a thin layer of gel over the treatment locations. Light is applied on the skin below the eyes, and the average patient reports minimal (if any) discomfort. The best part about OptiLight—other than its results—is the fact that each session only takes somewhere between 10 and 15 minutes, and you can resume your daily activities immediately afterward!

Read on here for more information about OptiLight.

LipiFlow®for Dry Eye Syndrome


Here at Better Vision New Jersey, we are always striving to incorporate the best technologies and treatments to expand our knowledge of eye care and improve your eye health. If you are experiencing dry eye symptoms such as irritation, light sensitivity, vision fluctuations, contact lens intolerance, and eye fatigue, you may be a candidate for a new therapy called LipiFlow® Thermal Pulsation Therapy for evaporative dry eye syndrome. Dr. Calderone was the first ophthalmologist in NJ to provide LipiFlow® for dry eyes, and we are proud to provide this revolutionary technology at our practice.

The Science of Lipiflow®

For many people, LipiFlow® is synonymous with relief for dry eyes. Millions of people in the US suffer from dry eyes. A majority of those people have evaporative dry eye, which stems from a deficiency in the oil (lipid) layer of the eye’s tear film. The lipid deficiency is associated with malfunction of the meibomian glands located in the eyelids. This functional deterioration has been progressing in most patients since they were in their 20s, and can often be exacerbated by wearing contact lenses. The LipiFlow® Thermal Pulsation System directly treats the major cause of evaporative dry eye and meibomian gland dysfunction, not just the symptoms.

LipiFlow® therapy consists of the application of localized heat and pressure to the eyelids with a disposable eyepiece—no surgery or downtime required. LipiFlow® works to facilitate the release of lipids from the blocked meibomian glands, which allows the natural flow of lipids to resume. The procedure is done in our office, and takes only about 20 minutes. Both eyes can be treated simultaneously. In some cases, Dr. Calderone may be able to perform the therapy for a patient on the same day as their evaluation.

When to Expect Results

You can expect to see improvement in overall dry eye symptoms between four to eight weeks post treatment, perhaps sooner. You would not be a candidate for LipiFlow® if you recently had eye or cataract surgery, an eye injury, herpes of the eye, or chronic eye inflammation. LipiFlow® may not fit all eyes, but should not present any problems with those who wear contact lenses. Possible side effects from LipiFlow® include redness, burning, stinging, discharge, blurred vision, dryness, and sensitivity to light.

If left untreated, dry eyes can lead to further eye deterioration and additional problems. We therefore encourage you to talk to our team about the potential benefits of LipiFlow®.

LipiFlow® NJ Patient Testimonials


Learn About Medications and Supplements for Dry Eye Symptoms

Additionally, we are happy to help you explore potential medications and supplements for dry eye care. Depending on your unique conditions, you may be eligible for such treatments. At Better Vision New Jersey, we offer XIIDRA®, CEQUA®, and RESTASIS® as therapy options for dry eye symptoms. These three drugs are prescription eye drops that help through different mechanisms to increase your eyes’ natural ability to produce tears by reducing inflammation. However, they are not artificial tears or supplemental lubricants, nor are they intended to replace these mainstay over-the-counter therapies.

These drugs work by reducing chronic inflammation of the tear-producing lacrimal glands, improving both the quantity and quality of tears the patient produces. They are available by prescription only and require the continuation of artificial tears/supplemental lubrication at the same time.

HydroEye Treatment

The doctors at Better Vision New Jersey also recommend the use of HydroEye supplements for every patient with dry eyes. These gel caps include a variety of vitamins, omega-3 fatty acids, and black currant seed oil, the last of which is especially helpful in prolonging the effect of LipiFlow® therapy and enhancing the oiliness of the meibomian gland secretions.

Punctal Plugs for Dry Eyes


At Better Vision New Jersey, we may also suggest punctal plug surgery as a supplemental form of dry eye care. The use of punctal plugs is typically helpful in moderate to severe cases, especially when a patient has some form of water deficiency. These plugs are used to slow the drainage of tears from the eyes. By slowing the rate of tear drainage, more tears stay on the eyes, relieving dry eyes. The procedure is simple and can be performed for a patient in the office in just a few minutes.

Depending on your specific conditions, we may utilize one of two primary types of punctal plugs: temporary or permanent. Temporary punctal plugs are made from dissolvable collagen while the permanent plugs are made of a silicone substance. You may receive a temporary punctal plug before being given the permanent option.

Having dry eyes doesn’t have to put a permanent damper on your life. Whether there is an issue stemming from your contact lenses or you suffer from chronic meibomian gland dysfunction, we are here to help you find the best course of treatment. Whatever your eye care needs may be, call Better Vision New Jersey for the very best.

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