Everything You Need to Know About Blinking

Blinking is a semiautonomous bodily function or, to simply put it, a coordinated squeezing of the upper and lower lids. Many people don’t see blinking as […]
Diabetic person pricking finger

National Diabetic Eye Disease Month

Data shows an alarming trend—the increasing rate of diabetes in the United States. The CDC reports that more than 1 in 3 Americans have prediabetes. To […]
blue light from led screen reflected on glasses

National LED Day: What You Need to Know About Blue Light and Eyestrain

Did you know that October 7 is National LED Day? In light of the holiday, we’re debunking LED, blue light, and eyestrain myths. What is blue […]

3 Bad Habits for Eye Health and Vision

By age 65, nearly one in three people in the United States has some form of vision loss or impairment. Though many uncontrollable factors cause vision […]