5 Things We’re Doing While Social Distancing!

5 Screen-Free Social Distancing Activities
Keeping Your Essential Vision With Cataracts

We hope you are staying healthy and well. Even though we aren’t in the office for regular eye care, our team is staying busy. See what we’re doing to stay busy, find some inspiration for yourself, and stay connected with our team.

And remember, our Better Vision New Jersey family is still here for you. Do not hesitate to reach out if you are experiencing an emergency eye problem—we are happy to help!

  1. We’re focusing on gratefulness. Even though life is very different while we practice social distancing, there are so many people and things to be grateful for! We are thankful for all the heroes in our lives—from doctors and postal workers to grocery store employees and janitors. We are also thankful today and every day for healthy eyes! Vision is a beautiful thing.
We are so grateful for Dave, our amazing postal worker! While social distancing, he delivers our mail every day we are in the office with a smile. Thank you, Dave, for your service!
  1. We’re getting outside. You can still enjoy time outside AND practice social distancing. Just throw on a pair of sunglasses, like Dr. Calderone and Diana, and enjoy the spring, New Jersey weather.
Dr. Calderone and his wife enjoyed spreading cheer in the Mountainside Car Parade!
Diana and her boys headed outside to soak up the sun.
  1. We’re staying (virtually) connected. Take advantage of technology to help you stay connected with the things that matter most to you. Just remember to take frequent breaks to avoid digital eye strain!
Sherry tackled some virtual training alongside her furry friend.
Anna enjoyed attending virtual mass this past Lent.
  1. We’re sharpening our skills. With extra time at home, our team has enjoyed plenty of learning! Take a study break and learn something new or try to cook something delicious at home, like our team members are doing.
Suly has used some of her extra time at home to study up for nursing school!
Antoinette made this delicious homemade pizza for her son!
  1. We’re on the front lines, providing emergency eye care. Even though we are not open for regular eye care, we are still here for you. We’re offering the high-quality, emergency support you deserve, while taking every precaution to keep our patients and staff safe and healthy. (Wearing masks, diligently washing hands, disinfecting the office, using sterilized materials, etc.) Remember, if you are experiencing an emergency eye problem, please call us. We would be happy to help you.
We are so proud of our amazing team—comprised of our staff and BRAVE volunteers—who are on the front lines serving emergency patients.

We miss seeing you, and we hope to have you back in our offices for all your eye care needs soon. From all of us at Better Vision New Jersey, we hope you are staying healthy, well, and busy!

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