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Vape pens, also known as e-cigs, have become a multibillion dollar industry over the past few years. But, as this trend has grown in popularity, so has worry over vape-related explosions, health issues, and diseases. With ties now linking an outbreak of deadly lung disease to certain kinds of vape pods, you may have questions about e-cigs, vape pens, and your health. So, how does vaping impact your body? Should you be worried about your long-term eye health? We’ve collected everything you need to know!

Vape-related dangers

Since e-cigs are tar free, many companies initially claimed that their vapes were a healthier alternative to smoking. And, with no long-term research at the time to prove otherwise, the vape industry grew tremendously, appealing to young people and former cigarette smokers. 

However, e-cigs pose a number of unique threats to health. For instance, vape explosions have led to burns, lacerations, jaw loss, eye loss, and even death. From 2015-2017, over 2,000 individuals were admitted to the hospital due to these explosions. Yet, despite public knowledge about these devastating injuries caused primarily by charging malfunctions, vape explosions have remained shockingly common.

The e-cig industry has few guidelines that regulate safety. Many of the most popular, flavored vapors for sale online are unregulated. The sweet vapors that appeal most to teenagers have been known to contain carcinogens, formaldehyde, and high levels of nicotine—even in pods that claim to be nicotine free. By purchasing chemical-filled vapor pods from unregulated distributors, people could be exposing their bodies and eyes to potentially deadly toxins. Not to mention, they could also expose children, friends, and family members to those same chemicals via second-hand vapor.

How could e-cigs impact eyes?

Because of how new vaping is, there is no long-term research regarding vape-related health consequences. However, with definitive ties to explosions, known toxins in vapors, and lung diseases tied to some pods, there’s no denying the hazards associated with e-cigs.

But, even without an extreme reaction, all vapors pose risks to your eye health. Some chemicals in vapors irritate the eyes and exacerbate dry eye. And, any nicotine vapor delivers nicotine drug effects—elevated blood pressure, a faster heart rate, and insulin resistance. Some of these side effects are risk factors for serious eye conditions like diabetic eye diseases, glaucoma, retinopathy, and more.

If you or a loved one is considering vaping, we strongly urge against it. Until long-term research about vaping is conducted, experts won’t know the full extent of e-cig damage to the body. In a world where vaping devices can explode and leave you without vision, you can never be too safe.

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