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Later this month is National Doctors’ Day. However, while most Americans visit their doctors for general health appointments, only half receive an annual eye exam—despite ranking vision as the most important sense. In honor of National Doctors’ Day, we want to remind you about the importance of visiting your eye care provider. Here are three reasons why regular check-ins with our eye doctors are crucial:

1. They minimize vision loss.

Some eye diseases may not have noticeable symptoms or are asymptomatic altogether—especially in the early stages. Regular eye exams look for eye disease symptoms and monitor concerns, like high intraocular pressure, that could later lead to problems. If you do have an eye disease, prompt and proactive treatment can usually halt, slow, or reverse its progression. But not all eye disease damage can be reversed, so regular visits are key to minimizing vision loss.

Comprehensive eye exams are also important when you have health issues, including high blood pressure, thyroid disorders, or diabetes. Some of these health conditions are linked with eye damage, uncomfortable eye symptoms, or vision problems. Since your ocular health is interconnected with your entire body, regular visits are a smart move for better wellness. And, if you ever notice worrisome symptoms—like sudden vision changes, pain, or floaters—check in with your eye care provider immediately.

2. We can update your prescriptions.

Prescriptions for glasses and contacts change over time. It’s important to check in with your eye doctor to make sure that your prescription is still providing the best vision correction. Using an old prescription may lead to eyestrain and headaches or sub-par refractive error correction.

3. You will enjoy a better quality of life.

Some patients do not realize that they have a correctable vision or eye problem. Because many issues, like refractive errors or cataracts, tend to develop slowly, you may be dealing with a sub-par quality of life—even though the issue is treatable! Regular check-ins with our team allow you to explain any problems related to your eyes or vision that are arising and discuss potential solutions. With our advanced treatment options, you’ll be on your way to comfortable eyes and clear sight.

Book your appointment today!

All March long, we encourage you to celebrate National Doctors’ Day with us by scheduling your next eye exam and taking control of your health. Regular check-ins help our eye doctors deliver the lifelong healthy vision you deserve. So, what are you waiting for? Make your appointment today.

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